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We have extensive experience in defining and developing clear, strong and compelling brand propositions and delivering them successfully into the world.

In a world where brands are being threatened by direct to consumer models, start-ups and declining trust based on organisational behaviours and choices, the need for brand is even greater than ever. Brands are the business strategy brought to life. They are about people and how they connect to the purpose of a business.

A strong, clear and compelling brand helps a business change successfully by ensuring everyone moves in the same direction. A strong brand can deliver commercial value and fuel growth.

Through a series of workshops and deep dives, we deconstruct where you are now through our insight rewind process, discovery interviews and brand purpose and positioning session that determine where you are today and how you want to be perceived. All through the lenses of business, brand, competitor, category and customer.

Brand projects also do not have to feel like they take forever. Our engagements can be for a few months when we need to fully immerse and undertake research as part of the process. Or with our rapid brand prototyping model we deconstruct and reconstruct your brand definition in a few weeks.

Key projects:


Mudano’s vision is that, over time, it will be increasingly possible to automate projects; combining technology, data and algorithms with highly engaged teams to massively increase project efficiency and the creation of real business value. They are already saving clients millions and accelerating measurable business value.

But the Mudano brand, identity and behaviours did not reflect the excitement and potential of the business. It lacked the energy and passion of its key people and sounded really complex and functional. You just didn’t understand what it is they do. Or why. They even said it themselves when reviewing some internal work — “our business is confusing enough already!”

Using our strategic framework — Distill, Discover, Develop and Deploy — we identified the growing pains of a fast-scaling start up that were significantly hampering their ambition. We developed a brand position that could bleed across the entire organisation and inform business strategy, values, behaviours and culture. A culture that is critical to delivering the vision of the business by hiring and retaining the best talent — talent that will transform an entire industry.

“You listened (patiently) to what we wanted to achieve. You offered guidance (tolerantly) when we were struggling for direction. You took feedback (serenely) when we were stressing. You made decisions (bravely) when were hesitating. Involved in our strategy. Committed to our outcomes. Proud of our accomplishments. You took all of this and a hell of a lot more ready for the future value we are targeting. You’ve built us a rand model we can apply ourselves.”
Jonathan Summers, Co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer, Mudano


We’re helping Vamousse take on the established brands in the head lice category. Using our strategic framework, we rapidly developed a hypothesis and deployed this into market to meet a short-term need. This hypothesis has been sharpened and stress-tested in the past few months with comprehensive usage and attitude research, brand and packaging re-development, verified by rapid consumer closeness research sessions. Heading into the annual business planning, the brand has a clarity, strength and purpose like never before and is set to drive considerable value for the business in the coming years.

“ They totally fitted the bill for what we were looking for and feel like and extension of our marketing team. We love working with them and feel good things are going to come of the partnership. “
Ceri Chard, Marketing Director

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There has never been a time when competition in the education research sector has been so varied and intense. Combined with the pressures on the education system in the current and predicted future economic and political framework, the role and need for NFER has never been greater.

Working with stakeholders across the business in C-suite and leadership roles, we deployed our rapid prototyping brand definition project. We reviewed the current position, identified the key issues, competitive and macro landscape and navigated a path to a new brand position, manifesto, tone and hierarchy that will be a key driver in helping NFER achieve future success.

The brand position was then brought to life through a vibrant new identity to breathe fresh energy into a 70-year old heritage brand in the sector. It’s a set of guidelines that can be simply used by internal design studio and external agencies alike.

“Can’t recommend these guys highly enough. Professional, smart, really take the time to get to know your organisation and importantly not overpriced.”
Maddie Wheeler, Director of Sales, Marketing & Impact, NFER


We worked with Cerezen, an innovative, custom-made, in-ear device that relieves the pain and symptoms of TMJD, bruxism, and related conditions, to strategically and creatively launch the brand across both B2B and B2C audiences. Activity included developing brand strategy, positioning and identity, comms framework, and both B2B and B2C toolkits which consisted of print, exhibition materials and video content.

“Team Eleven have been one of the most thorough agencies I have worked with. There is clear and precise communication from end to end within each project. The experience they bring to the table would be hard to match. A pleasure to have as a marketing partner.”
Mike Malone, Head of Marketing, Renew Health

Explore Learning

Explore Learning, a provider of external support in numeracy and literacy schemes, approached us to help with their brand positioning and execution. This included developing a communication strategy as well as a brand new creative campaign to drive awareness and engagement with both existing and prospective parents and students.

“We absolutely loved working with Team Eleven — the whole team are a bundle of energy and creativity.”
Laura Gordon, Head of Marketing, Explore Learning

The client view

“The Team Eleven Stratvengers fill my heart with joy at the end of each presentation. They never cease to inspire me.”

“Team Eleven did an excellent job of navigating a complicated brand to deliver a first class brand strategy. Not only delivering a clear and impactful piece, but also ensuring all stakeholders were aligned and onboard.”

“Team Eleven have been great at applying the adaptations to our brand design and refreshing old content with me imagery.”

Anonymous client feedback, RAR client reviews 2019

We’re really proud of our 9.5/10 rating for Strategy and 9.10/10 for Brand Strategy in the Drum RAR.

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