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Social media is changing the way people connect with each other and with brands. Influencers can be more trusted than brands but come with their own health warnings in an ever-changing landscape. Our Social team navigate this constantly changing world to ensure brands use it to their strategic advantage.

Our key projects:

Invisalign #SmileSquad delivers x5 media value

The Invisalign #SmileSquad is a network of creators and influencers aligned to the brand values — people who want to move forward in their life and understand the power of a smile. So far, we’ve reached an audience that would have cost x5 in media spend to reach, created content that significantly outperforms the engagement of paid social brand content by 185%. And is telling our story in a unique manner that talks to our audience on their terms.

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Socialising the power of an Invisalign smile

We manage the social media strategy, content planning, creation and community management for 18 markets across Europe for the world’s leading clear aligner brand, Invisalign. Shifting from a stock-image presence to showcasing the power of real smiles, backed up by the technological superiority of the brand.

Responsible for strategy, content planning and delivery, legal compliance and approval, localisation, deployment, community management, reporting, CS reporting and crisis management.

We talk to over 400,000 brand fans and social is now the #2 driver of leads for the business. The EMEA Social Media Playbook is globally recognised as best in class within the Invisalign business.

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Helping parents give head lice the treatment they deserve with Vamousse

Did you know that more than 1 in 3 children in the UK will get head lice at some point during the year? Ergh, right?

We engaged 15 parent influencers at the key back-to-school time to raise awareness of Vamousse, sharing their experience and breaking through the fake news of a category literally crawling with mis-information and taboos. We wanted parents to know about the key benefits of Vamousse and how it could save them the stress of nits. We achieved 3x the benchmark for Instagram engagement, reaching nearly half a million parents, achieving over two-thirds brand recall and some highly personal stories to drive brand and consumer insight.

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Mashing machine learning, diversity and data consultancy for Mudano

We helped Mudano to set in motion their social media approach with a strategy, platform set up, initial content planning and community management before handing back to a fully trained-up in-house team to take over the reins of this focussed B2B project. We increased engagement by 92% on Twitter, attracted over 50% more followers on Linked In, set up the Instagram and YouTube channels and launched the #mudanowomen initiative to attract more women into the industry and champion women in data.

Going bananas on social for Chiquita

We took care of the banana lovers of the world by managing the global Facebook community of the world’s leading banana brand, Chiquita. Stimulating response, answering questions, seeing pictures of bananas you should never see in a Facebook inbox and generally going bananas with a community quite simply obsessed by the stuff.

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The client view

“Spot on! In a highly competitive market place the social strategy was beyond brief and very compelling.”

“Social strategy is not easy in our industry, that’s why only very few do it. That’s because they don’t have somebody like the Team Eleven social team to help.”

“Team Eleven help me run social media across 10+ countries. Their support, crunching data, retrieving meaningful insights and turning them into strategic action points is immense.”

“Influencer Marketing is a new service they offer us and I have nothing but compliments. Team Eleven are great with people and therefore build and nurture meaningful relationships on behalf of our brand, deliver a great brand experience to our influencers and in turn, this is reflected in their content and passion when they talk about us.”

Anonymous client feedback, RAR client reviews 2019

The influencer view

Our capabilities

Social strategy, creative campaigns, film and content production, content planning, creation & deployment, community management, playbook creation, regulatory compliance, analytics, process, multiple markets and languages.

Influencer strategy, recruitment, management, integration, campaign briefing packs, film and content production, events, multiple markets and languages.

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Why social media?

A view from Jennifer Wood, Social Lead

It entertains, it informs, it helps us get closer and it’s always with us in the age of smartphones.

For better or worse, we’ve become comfortable with sharing our opinions and experiences with friends and strangers alike.

Social media offers a huge opportunity for brands to share their expertise, innovation and the opportunity to be part of their mission in near real-time.

Highly targeted and highly personal, it can drive marketing effectiveness as well as show a more human side to brands.

In our new digital and overwhelmingly mobile age, most of us as consumers start our journey on social media to:

Research, ask questions, read others’ testimonials, discover events and new products or experiences, real-time updates on products and services and things that excite people just like us.

Key to nearly all brand social media strategies is real experiences. We tap into this reality through branded and influencer experiences to bring brands to life for real people.

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