We find and refine the catalytic idea to fuel business growth for our clients.

How? Rapidly. The pace of business today doesn’t wait for months of ideation in an ivory tower. Once the problem is clearly defined, we delve into the ‘mud’ of the marketplace to find the solution. We partner with you, on-site or on-screen. Compacting the process and concentrating solely on you for the project duration. Total focus and immersion for fast, impactful outcomes.

Our capabilities stretch from the upstream business consultancy and strategy to identify and size the opportunity, research to uncover the insights, to downstream communications planning, ideation and delivery across all marketing disciplines.

Our strategic model

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“A problem well-defined is a problem half-solved.” John Dewey

We set out to understand and simplify the business issue that needs to be addressed through mix of filtration workshops, capability audits and briefing sessions to assess feasibility and bring focus. Sharpening and distilling the problem into clear, motivating objectives that all stakeholders buy into


We then deep-dive into the complex ‘mud’ of human attitudes, processes, interactions and behaviours that make up and drive our market, culture or category. We use a number of tools to discover the valuable ‘gems’ of insight that have the power to activate people and create change. We identify the most motivating truth. This is the catalyst to solve the problem and fuel client growth. We use a number of tools including:

· Insight rewind — combing clients’ existing information archives for the latent insight hidden within

· Consumer Closeness Sessions — observing, discussing or taking part in key moments of consumers’ lives. We give clients the core skills to become researchers, make important observations and create insights. As well as insight, this builds invaluable empathy and intuition among client teams.

· Opportunity Assessor — we use this when there is a need to quantify and map the opportunity or identify the relative power of the levers at our disposal. It can also provide a useful benchmark from which we can map the impact of our future activity

· Depth Discussions — to uncover why people really do what they do it takes more than just asking them. We use clever tools and clever people who know how to listen to what is not said as carefully as what is.

· Expert Perspectives — to boost our thinking with the wisdom of someone who’s thought A LOT more about our problem (or a similar problem) than we have.


We then develop the implication — it should point the way for the solution to the problem; whether that is operational, commercial or communications led.

The strategy doesn’t need to be 400 pages of powerpoint. It can be one line. Or a story. Or even a manifesto.

But it must always follow objectives and always come before tactics and implementation.

We do this through co-creation workshops, prototyping and commercial casing.


We create an extensive, media-agnostic brand experience and engagement plan that defines how the brand connects and interacts with the audience. The take-off point for the brand story to become a reality.

We assess the business performance and impact, optimising the output with a test, learn, scale mindset.

The Client View

“Team Eleven is a true extension of my team. They are critical contributors to our core business strategy and their innovative thinking, collaborative way of working and relentless execution has enabled us to consistently deliver on our business objectives for many years.”
Brooke Radich, Associate Director, Consumer Marketing, Invisalign

“Involved in our strategy. Committed to our outcomes. Proud of our accomplishments. You took all of this and made it better, clearer and a hell of a lot more ready for the future value we are targeting.”
Jonathan Summers, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Mudano

“Team Eleven did an excellent job of navigating a complicated brand to deliver a first class brand strategy. Not only delivering a clear and impactful piece, but also ensuring all stakeholders were aligned and onboard.”
Anonymous client feedback, RAR client reviews 2019

“If you’re lucky enough to work with Team Eleven, you are assured of strategic intelligence that will undoubtedly add huge value to your business for many years.”
Anonymous client feedback, RAR client reviews 2019

“The Team Eleven Stratvengers fill my heart with joy at the end of each presentation. They never cease to inspire me.”
Anonymous client feedback, RAR client reviews 2019

We’re really proud of our 9.5/10 rating for Strategy in the Drum RAR.

Key Projects

Invisalign Smile Visualiser. Identified the insight that people seeing their future, visualised smile would overcome the inertia to make a consultation. We built the business case, identified the technology solution and delivered the roadmap and measurement framework that delivered x2 conversion versus existing conversion tools and significant commercial impact for Invisalign in Europe. We work extensively across the entire Invisalign EMEA business from upstream annual operations planning to comms planning across all channels and have helped them achieve growth of over 40% YoY.

We identified the growing pains of Mudano, a fast-scaling data consultancy start up that were significantly hampering their ambition. We developed a brand position and model that could bleed across the entire organisation and inform business strategy, values, behaviours and culture. A culture that is critical to delivering the vision of the business by hiring and retaining the best talent — talent that will transform an entire industry.

Deep dive research to unlock the insight to drive a new brand position for Vamousse to take on the market leaders in the head lice category. Validating hypothesis created from rapid brand prototyping and social and influencer insights. Our work has helped the brand outperform competitors by maintaining market share in a declining category.

Reversed the sales decline of Wiltshire Farm Foods by distilling research into actionable creative insight to showcase people who are ageing well and finding the sweet spot of aspiration but within reason. Directed and distilled the follow-up research to identify a smaller, needs-based niche audience resulting in a new advertising edit that has driven record level brochure requests.

We worked with the BBC to define the attitude and role of CBBC in helping kids to express themselves in a confusing, ever-changing world. Our strategic work and creative brief led to the Find Your Tribe creative execution.

The Strategy Team

Nicholas Gill, Strategy Partner

Nicholas co-founded Team Eleven to bring strategic stewardship that makes an immediate and sustainable impact on clients’ businesses.

Natasha Laming, Strategist

Over 15 years’ experience designing, conducting and commissioning consumer & shopper research projects large and small, local and global, tactical and strategic for a variety of household brands. I have worked both agency and client-side but always in Research & Insight. The beauty of this is that I can ensure that you get a smooth-running, insight-rich research project as cost-effectively as possible.

Evva Semenowicz, Strategist

A brand strategist with an insatiable curiosity for people and the world around me. I help brands communicate with people; developing compelling stories that are rooted in a larger cultural context and providing strategic direction to bring brands to life. I value honesty, kindness & courage.

If you’re interested in how Team Eleven can fuel your business growth, please contact phil.overton@teameleven.co.uk

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