We’re not your usual communications agency.

Client leads and strategists partner with you to understand your business, your needs and your challenges, developing the knowledge, insight and strategy to fuel your business growth.

We create teams around our client business. Creating that right team with the right expertise from our Squad to deliver the right solution.

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Our Squad network means we can get the right partners (who work within the right budgets). One of the great joys of being in this business for a long time is we’ve got to know some of the best talent in the business. We look after our Squad — proper briefings, we pay them on time and involve them with our Team and our clients.

We punch above our weight

Size doesn’t matter. We operate a lean business but with the delivery capability of a mid-size agency from upstream business strategy and commercialisation to downstream comms across the full media mix. We’re highly agile, with no ‘timber.’ We work best in true partnership with clients over the long-term.

Shared risk and reward

We invest our time in getting to know your business and we know we can impact your business growth. Confident in our ability to transform client business, we like working with shared risk and reward and operate different performance related models.

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If you’re interested in how Team Eleven can fuel your business growth, please contact phil.overton@teameleven.co.uk

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