How to Submit an Article to the Glip Blog

The Glip blog at is now managed as a publication on Medium. That means anyone who contributes articles, including guest authors, can create articles using Medium’s authoring tools and submit them to our publication, which is called “Collaboration with Glip.”

Here is how that works.

First, create a Medium account (if you don’t already have one). Medium has strong integration with Twitter, so you may want to link your Medium and Twitter accounts.

Then ask to be added to the publication as an author. This will allow you to submit articles to be published on the blog/publication, following review by our editors. Once published, the article will also appear on your personal Medium feed.

If you are new to Medium, here are tips on writing and formatting posts and including images.

Then, instead of clicking Publish, click on the three dots right next to it for the menu that includes the Add to Publication option.

Add to publication menu option

Next, you will see a prompt to specify which publication you are submitting your article to. Choose “Collaboration with Glip” and click “Add Draft.”

Adding a draft to a publication.

After submission, your draft will be reviewed by an editor who will collaborate with you on the final content. Medium includes a mechanism for commenting on drafts by sending private messages to the author.

You can also reach Glip Blog editor David Carr at

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