Hycon End-of-November Wrap-up

Dec 3, 2018 · 2 min read

Team HYCON kept busy for the remainder of November.

On November 21st, Team HYCON attended the Blockchain Industry Innovation Conference (BIIC) in Seoul. This partnership helps HYCON expand its ecosystem to the realms of finance and international remittance services

The booth was designed to teach visitors about Hycon through the raffle event. People could add Hycon as their friend on the Kakao Talk app or take a pop-quiz on Hycon and receive a Hycon-related gift. The raffle event was a huge success, and everybody returned home with a little something to remind themselves of Hycon.

On the same day, HYCON signed a memorandum of understanding with international remittance project REMIIT (owned by BluepanNet).

This partnership helps HYCON expand its ecosystem to the realms of finance and international remittance services

On November 22nd, Hycon announced the successful implementation of the SPECTRE consensus algorithm. SPECTRE helps increase the TPS to 3,000 or more Kudos to the development team for delivering so soon after the GHOST Protocol update in late October.

As of November 23rd, HYCON Pocket, the mobile app for HYC, is available on GooglePlay!

On November 26th and 27th, HYCON attended Blockchain Grand Week in Seoul organized by Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA) and National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA). This is the first blockchain event hosted by a government organization in Korea. CEO Taewon Kim talked about Hycon’s development status and real-life applications by Glosfer.

The event also included a KISA-hosted hackathon in which one of the winning teams built a platform called “Medical Record Blockchain to Prevent EMR Data Manipulation,” using HYCON API. Team members said, “We chose HYCON because it is well-known for being easy to customize. We had a genuinely good time developing with it. Hycon developers were also around to provide technical support and professional advice, which was super helpful!”

Hycon is now listed on the 5th exchange, Nexybit. Listing happened on November 30th and deposit/withdrawal service started a day earlier for BTC, ETH and USDT pairs. Opened in October, Nexybit is an exchange that offers token mining, spot and futures exchange.

Upcoming Events

December 7th: Mining volume reduction by 90%

As always, thank you for your support!

Team Hycon




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We are the HYCON Cryptocurrency Team

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