HYCON Mid-March Review

Mar 22 · 3 min read

It’s time to review all the latest HYCON news for the last two months.

On February 1 and March 8, HYCON Pocket was updated.

UI/UX improvements and features like fingerprint recognition and gift card registration were included in the updates.

The wallet app is becoming more user-friendly and convenient by the day!

On February 15, we held our first official meetup, HYCON Meetup 2019, with more than 100 participants.

We explained that we are conducting in-depth analysis into the HYCON market and reflected on the issues at hand and ways to improve.

HYCON’s 2019 Visions were also introduced at the meetup:

First, Twin transaction allows storing of private blockchain transactions on the public HYCON blockchain.

Second, airdrop of 100 million HYC (50 million HYC in the first round, 50 million HYC in the second round).

Third, Glosfer Tokens for HYCON’s enterprise business.

Fourth, unveiling details of the buyback and demonstration of SPECTRE.


Details regarding the visions will be shared in the next batch of news!

On February 25, HYCON Supporters Day was held to facilitate better communication with our supporters.

We collected questions in advance and CEO Taewon Kim answered them during the live streaming.

The event will be held on the last Monday of every month, so please join us!

On March 4, we announced our partnership with ZPER, a blockchain-based P2P finance platform.

ZPER tokens can be used for the following:

  • Distributed investment in P2P loans
  • Risk analysis and loan management
  • Trading of rights to collect principal and interests
  • Rewards for data providers
  • Non-performing loan (NPL) purchase agreements

Under the partnership, we will usher in the era of “HYCON-based local cryptocurrency 2.0” and create more use cases with ZPER so that local cryptocurrencies can serve as more than just gift certificates for local communities.

Team HYCON continues to move forward.

We will keep working hard to bring you more exciting news!


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Instagram: https://instagram.com/teamhycon
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Facebook: https://facebook.com/teamhycon
YouTube: https://youtube.com/teamhycon
Medium: https://medium.com/@teamhycon
Web: https://hycon.io


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We are the HYCON Cryptocurrency Team

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