Goodbye, Trello!

We’ve built Infinity — a fully flexible Trello alternative where you can organize anything.

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Jan 22 · 6 min read

If we asked Trello’s most avid fans what’s the biggest advantage of this tool, they would say its simplicity. If we asked all other present and past Trello users about its biggest downside, they would probably give the same answer.

The problem with simple is that it usually means limiting. While Trello’s simplified structure and customization options can be quite enough for less demanding projects, organizing teams and complex projects is almost impossible.

Your tool shouldn’t box you in a predefined set of rules; it should adapt to your workflow. With that in mind, we’ve created Infinity — an ultra-flexible Trello alternative that lets you shape your workspace exactly how you want.

We pinpointed Trello’s main drawbacks and decided to create solutions for every single one of them. Here’s how Infinity is solving Trello’s biggest pain points.

Switch Between Four Different Views

Trello has a simple and eye-catching Board View in the form of Kanban. But that’s not always the best choice. While Kanban is great for managing tasks, sometimes you’ll want to see your data from a different angle, especially if you’re organizing different types of information.

Infinity features four different types of views — List, Columns (Kanban), Calendar and Table. This will allow you to see the data that you’re managing in different formats — depending on the purpose. You can quickly change views by clicking the View Switcher or create different tabs to see the same information in different ways.

Organize Complex Processes

If you need to organize a simple process and do it quickly, Trello is an awesome choice. In fact, this tool is a great solution for managing smaller projects. But it’s simply not designed to handle complex processes and larger teams.

Based on the idea of complete flexibility, Infinity can be adapted to any type of project. Thanks to the layered structure and versatile customization options, Infinity allows you to shape your workspace exactly how you want — no matter which management methodology you’re using.

Store Everything in One Place

Enjoy more storing capacity and a powerful tree structure

One of the biggest issues with Trello is the lack of capacity and structuring power, which quickly creates clutter and doesn’t allow growth. Due to this, Trello users often look for the solution in other places and end up juggling between multiple tools.

Infinity aims to solve workflow chaos and enable you to store and organize all your information in one place. To achieve that, Infinity has a powerful tree structure with boards, folders and subfolders. On top of that, you can use overview, tabs, filters and grouping to find everything easily.

Organize Anything

Create the optimal workspace for your team

Thanks to its attractive Board View, Trello is a great tool for task organization. But this layout also leads to a decreased sense of direction and motivation because your team members can only see endless to-do lists.

Infinity has a different approach that lets you organize whatever you need — whether it’s tasks, notes, leads, KPIs, images or anything else your projects require. Fully customizable items, different views and strong filtering options will let you create a structure that makes the most sense for your team.

Visualize Your Workflow

Trello’s structure comes with another potential issue — as you enter more tasks, it becomes increasingly difficult to visualize your workflow. Having more than one hundred tasks in your board already means having to scroll through to find what you need.

If you want to organize a large team and manage complex projects with your PM tool, you need to be able to navigate your workspace smoothly and visualize your workflow in different ways. That’s why we’ve added Tabs to Infinity. Tabs allow you to see the data from one folder in different ways in seconds.

For example, you can create a new tab to get a different view, another to filter out high-priority tasks and another to group tasks by team members. Then just switch between tabs whenever you need to see each set of data.

Fully Customize Your Data

In Trello, you can customize your data using several attributes such as members, labels, descriptions, checklist and so on. Although solid, these options are still pretty limiting. For example, you will only get six options to create your labels, only one type of date (due date) and no checkbox feature to mark your tasks done.

At Infinity, we wanted to give our users complete freedom to customize data. That’s why we created custom fields — fully flexible attributes that you can use to shape your items. What makes custom fields so powerful is that you can add as many of them as you want, i.e. you can create several sets of labels, different dates, multiple assignees in different roles and so on.

Filter Items More Precisely

As your workload grows, you will need a strong filtering feature that will let you single out only the data you want to see at any given moment. In Trello, you will get a predefined set of values you can use to filter your data. If you’re not storing a lot of information, this approach works perfectly fine.

Since Infinity has the capacity for thousands of tasks and an infinite number of attributes, we needed to design a powerful filtering option that can handle all that data. So, instead of choosing from predefined filtering values, you can create your own formulas to find and select only the items you want to see. On top of that, you can add more than one filter to narrow down your selection.

Hide Attributes You Don’t Need to See

In Trello, you will only be able to archive your lists or keep them active and scroll through them but you won’t be able to hide the information you don’t want to see. This is why Trello’s Kanban board often looks cluttered and overwhelming if there are too many tasks.

To solve this problem we’ve added something called ‘Customize’ to Infinity. This feature enables you to hide or show any attribute you’ve added to your items. This way you can remove clutter in seconds and focus on what’s most important to you. Aside from that, Customize allows you to change the attributes’ order by drag and drop.

Do You Really Need a Trello Alternative?

Well, not necessarily. Trello could still be just enough for your needs. But if you’ve noticed that Trello’s limitations have been hindering your productivity, you probably do.

If that’s the case, maybe it’s time to say goodbye to Trello and move on to a more powerful alternative that lets you store more information, collaborate more easily and work more effectively.

We’ve designed Infinity for this exact purpose — to give you more power and more flexibility so you can build the workflow that fits your needs and organize anything, without limitations. And we make it easy to switch from Trello to Infinity — with a quick Trello Import feature that helps you migrate your data in seconds.

You can try Infinity for free here.

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