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Heck yea we are! …Why?

Well, we have Team Love.

No, really, it’s a thing. Every Monday at team meeting everyone has an opportunity to recognize and appreciate another Rabbit from the past week. Sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it’s a tear-jerker, but it’s always our favorite way to start the week.

We build awesome tech with awesome people!

We love what we do and who we work with. We’re incredibly lucky that we get to work with and help some of the coolest and most impactful projects going. From healthcare tech to dating apps, and everything in-between. We developed AlertSense, a mass notification system for emergency responders. We love building the Austin Startup Crawl apps. We teach people about wine. And that’s just a few of our recent projects.

We have a beautifully hip new office

We just renovated an awesome space in East Austin, our Beautiful New Rabbit Den. It’s been a project of sledgehammers and creativity as we renovated an old bike shop into a beautifully inspiring space. We uninstalled the sales shelves and cash register, but of course we kept the gnarly bike racks, eclectic art murals, and turf grass. We squeezed in a couple phone booths, wired up Wi-Fi and installed a dozen more power outlets. We maintained the creative East Austin vibe with a hipster bike shop twist, and infused it with some startup spirit.

We play Pokemon Go together. We love bubbles. And there’s enough LaCroix in the fridge to survive a Texas summer.

And here’s a few more reasons why =)

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