Why LoveRoom Is Safer Than Airbnb 

The best way to avoid stranger danger is to get to know them.

We love Airbnb and we think they solve a huge problem. That’s why we support Airbnb 100%. However, a big concern for anyone using LoveRoom or Airbnb is safety. The internet is already a scary place, now we’re letting strangers into our homes?

Strangers are something to be concerned about. You don’t know anything about them! But LoveRoom takes care of stranger danger at its core.


LoveRoom is about making meaningful and potential long term connections. Airbnb is about finding a cheap place to stay and making money.

We used Airbnb many times but we've never became friends with anyone we met on Airbnb. Why should we? We just want what we paid for. However, we do want to make new friends! But Airbnb is just not truly designed to make new friends. Now that’s perfectly fine, but it’s not safe.

Sure, Airbnb offers Facebook and credit card verification — among others security measures — but what good is thattw if you still don’t actually know the person?

People vs Places

LoveRoom puts people first and places second. With this model, LoveRoomers are naturally encouraged to really get to know who they're staying with.

Since the idea is to share your room rather than rent your room, no one is going to share a room with a complete stranger — making LoveRoom intuitively safer than Airbnb.