Councilmembers, activists say Sean Wright is dividing the community by pushing debunked right-wing accusations against first Black woman DA

Antioch, California — September 8, 2020 — Several women community leaders, including two Antioch city councilmembers, today condemned false accusations being spread by Mayor Sean Wright against Diana Becton, the county’s first elected woman and Black district attorney, in his bid for reelection.

In an email sent to supporters last week, Wright claimed Becton created a policy that says it is OK for looters to steal items if they need them. “According to our DA, if the looters ‘need’ an item in a retail shop, for example, it is ok for them to take that item without being charged,” he…

As an advocate for survivors of human trafficking, I know firsthand that physical and psychological abuse leads to serious mental and emotional health consequences, including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. This is why mental health services are so critical in our region. But frankly, we lack these services, and instead we expect our local police departments to deal with mental health-related incidents, even when a crime is not being committed.

At the Antioch City Council’s first Bridging the Gap Forum two weeks ago, several residents rightly pointed out that our police officers are being overstretched. …

Family Trip to the San Diego Zoo sometime in the 70's

I love to travel! In my life I have been on many trips and some of those travels have been road trips. Personally, I have a little bit of an Obsessive-Compulsive behavior when I travel. My ex-boyfriend; who I dated for five years, once said “you are very difficult to travel with!” I do remember a time when the two of us took a small road trip together. It was December 2001 and we were living in Los Angeles, CA at the time, I was living in Sherman Oaks, CA out in the San Fernando Valley. We had been planning…

2018 Drag-N-Fly 5K at Contra Loma Reservoir, Antioch, CA

“Why do you run? What got you started running?”- I hear these questions all the time! Along with “You look great- is it because all of that running?”

Starting a running regimen was not easy. At the time I was kind of a couch potato…sort of. It all started in late 2015 early 2016. I was finishing up my first term on City Council for my hometown Antioch CA. When you are an elected official you are invited to a ton of events, fundraisers, speaking engagements, meetings and forums. So, you are active but the one constant at each of…

I am the first African-American woman elected to the Antioch City Council. This December I will be the longest serving African-American to serve on the City Council in one of California’s oldest cities. Where is Antioch you might ask? It’s the last stop on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) east of San Francisco. Last month I turned 50. Like clockwork, my AARP card and application arrived. So here I am, a fifty year old African American woman and an elected official and I have one question. Where is my party at?

California is known as the State that is forward…

Monica Wilson

Advocate and First Black Woman to serve on City Council in Antioch, CA.

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