CoDel to the Middle East: Travel Log

I recently returned from a weeklong fact finding mission in the Middle East, including stops in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, and Turkey. As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, I joined the Chairman of the committee, Mac Thornberry (R-TX), and Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-NJ), Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. Our bipartisan Congressional delegation met with troops as well as military and foreign leaders in an effort to deepen relationships with regional partners and examine the fight against ISIS.

The military leaders and service members I met with during our visit exhibit the utmost professionalism and expertise. They have a plan to win the war, which they are executing with precision, but they continue to lack a strategy to secure the long-term peace in the region.

In my capacity as a House Armed Services Committee member, I will continue to closely monitor the situation in the Middle East. I will ask tough questions of our leaders and demand a strategy that will help to stabilize the region and defeat ISIS.

Looking ahead, as we elect a new president, we must remember the seriousness of the fight against ISIS. We need a leader who will both stand up to ISIS and stand by our allies.

Below are some photos taken during our time in the Middle East:

Congressman Seth Moulton

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Representing Massachusetts’ 6th Congressional District