Republicans are all smiles with President Trump after kicking 24 million Americans off of health care.

Vote Explanation for H.R. 1628 — America’s Health Care Act

Last week, Republicans in Congress had an opportunity to stand up for all Americans and affirm that access to quality health care is not a partisan issue. Finding bipartisanship on health care is not impossible. In Massachusetts, Republicans and Democrats worked together to create a plan that increased coverage and decreased health care costs, and when there were issues in the law, they fixed them and made the plan better.

Instead, Republicans in the House crammed through a bill that they know will strip health care from 24 million Americans. Let’s be clear: there was no time limit or requirement that this bill come to the floor for a vote. It is supported by only 17% of Americans, and many of them don’t realize what it will do. This was a decision Republicans in Congress did not have to make.

There are many issues that come before us where I believe reasonable people can disagree. But I do not believe that anyone could look at this Republican bill and say that this bill is good for hardworking Americans. Congress has failed our country.

On behalf of the 24 million Americans who will lose their health insurance and the millions more Americans who will pay more for less coverage, I voted no on this disastrous bill.