Vote Explanation for H.R. 3662 — Iran Terror Finance Transparency Act

Today, I voted against H.R. 3662 because it would undermine the best chance we have of preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.

Last July, the United States and the five major world powers successfully negotiated a landmark agreement that prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Since then, the U.S. and international community have verified Iran has taken preliminary steps necessary to fulfill its obligations under the terms of the deal. With the agreement recently going into effect, we are ensuring that Iran does not obtain a nuclear weapon thereby avoiding another costly war in the Middle East.

The Iran Deal has garnered the support of former generals, diplomats, and world leaders as the only viable path forward to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. This includes:

The legislation, which passed the House _____ to _____ , would undermine the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action by preventing the United States from implementing the agreement. H.R. 3662 would restrict our ability to fulfill our end of the deal negotiated with Iran and other major world powers. Powerful sanctions targeting Iran’s support for terrorism, its ballistic missile activities, its human rights abuses, and its destabilizing activities in the region will remain in effect. The collapse of this important international agreement is not in our national security interests.

For more information on my support for the Iran Deal, please click here.

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