Vote Explanation for H.R. 4361 — Federal Information Systems Safeguards Act

H.R. 4361, the Federal Information Systems Safeguards Act, is a collection of bills that weaken the rights of federal employees and place additional burdens on the Obama Administration.

This legislation would require expedited removal procedures for agency senior executives that raise significant constitutional concerns, exempt collective bargaining requirements in certain circumstances, and double the probationary period of federal employees from one to two years, despite no evidence that the current probationary period needs to be extended.

Additionally, H.R. 4361 would bar regulations from being finalized during the end of a President’s term, regardless of when they were proposed or how long they have been in the regulatory process. Regulations are essential for the the health and safety of the American people, for protecting our environment, and for strengthening our economy. Regardless of party or how long a president has left in his or her term, this restriction infringes on the powers of the President to faithfully execute the laws in the final months of the term.

For these reasons, I voted against H.R. 4361.

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