Vote Explanation for H.R. 5892 — Midnight Rules Relief Act

Through regulations enacted by the Obama Administration, we have made significant progress to combat the devastating effects of climate change, increase worker protections, improve access to healthcare, and more to ensure the future success and security of the American people.

I voted against H.R. 5982, the Midnight Rules Relief Act, which would amend the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to allow Congress to review and disapprove regulatory actions en bloc as opposed to on an individual basis. The CRA allows Congress to disapprove any federal regulation by passage of a joint resolution within 60 days of the enactment of a regulation.

H.R. 5982 is an unnecessary and burdensome change to our current regulatory review structure. Congress already has the power to disapprove rules on a case-by-case basis, and this legislation would merely allow Congress to execute the same power it already has, but with less rigorous review and deliberation than it would in reviewing individual rules.

As written, H.R. 5982 would also expand the scope of bills subject to Congressional review to include some rules put in place over a year ago. This would create new regulatory costs, unprecedented regulatory uncertainty, and unnecessary bureaucratic red tape.

H.R. 5982 is another in the long line of Republican bills aimed at undermining our federal regulatory system and undoing the work and progress that has been made for the American people under President Obama.