Vote Explanation for H.R. 998 — Searching for and Cutting Regulations that are Unnecessarily Burdensome (SCRUB) Act

It has been just over a month since Republicans assumed control over the House, the Senate, and the White House. Instead of following through on their promise to find a “Better Way” to lead our country forward, Republicans have instead focused their attention on undermining our nation’s regulatory process.

I voted against H.R. 998, the Cutting Regulations that are Unnecessarily Burdensome (SCRUB) Act, which would cost taxpayers $30 million to create an unelected “Retrospective Regulatory Review Commission” with unlimited authority to issue subpoenas for witnesses and materials as it relates to regulations and regulatory action.

Members of the Commission would be appointed by the President, and a simple majority vote by this body is required to immediately repeal a rule or make it eligible for repeal at a later date to offset the cost of a new rule, also referred to as the “cut-go” process.

Members of Congress would be unable to debate and vote on each rule recommended for immediate repeal by the Commission, and as written, the bill drastically limits opportunities for public comment or stakeholder input.

While I support regulatory reform, I cannot support legislation that would politicize the federal regulatory process, limit congressional oversight, and most importantly, limit public engagement.