The Charles River didn’t always look this good….

Vote Explanation for S.J.Res.22 — Providing Congressional Disapproval for the Clean Water Act Rule

Sponsor: Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA)

Love the song, but I hate this ‘Dirty Water’ Resolution:

Did you know that some rivers in the United States were once so dirty and filled with waste that they used to catch fire? Well, if you don’t, you at least have heard the classic song inspired by the dirty Boston Harbor. The cleanup of America’s most iconic waterways was required under the 1972 Clean Water Act. That’s why I support the Waters of the United States rule, which clarifies the requirements of the Clean Water Act, and ensures that more waterways throughout the United States can be enjoyed by all, because — no offense to the Standells — I happen to like the Harbor clean! While the disapproval resolution passed the House 253–166, I voted against S.J.Res. 22.

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