Learn Boxing In Melbourne

Boxing is a combat sport that involves sparring or fighting with one’s fists, usually while wearing large padded gloves. Boxing matches are typically held in a roped, square shaped ring, and competitors are required to follow certain rules. Practising Boxing has also become a popular fitness routine for many individuals. Beginners are often taught how to strike on focus mitts or punching bags. The most common terminology in Boxing for the different types of punches are: Jab (a straight punch usually initiated by the person’s weaker arm); Cross (a straight punch initiated by the individual’s stronger arm); Hook (a round punch usually aimed at the side of the opponent’s face or head); Uppercut (an upwards punch aimed at landing under the opponent’s chin); and Body Shots (any punch aimed at someone’s torso).

In Australia the governing body for amateur boxers is known as Boxing Australia. This organisation is recognised by the International Boxing Association (AIBA). Boxing Australia is responsible for conducting the Australian Championships and selection try outs to determine which teams and athletes will represent the nation at events such as the Commonwealth Games, the Olympic Games, and the World Championships. Most of the tournaments held within various Australian states are organised by Boxing Australia’s Member Associations. Different Territories and States can host anywhere between five and 70 matches each year. The AIBA has developed Boxing Australia’s Technical as well as Competition rules and guidelines. All tournaments run by Boxing Australia and its Member Associations must comply with this rule book.

Melbourne Boxing matches are held under the supervision of a referee. Before the commencement of a Boxing competition some of the duties the referee is responsible for include: informing all competitors of relevant instructions; inspecting the contestant’s gloves as well as making sure the athletes are wearing groin and mouth guards; and only allowing the bout to begin when a medical professional is present at ringside. Referees allow for Boxers to use an appropriate quantity of substances such as Vaseline on their face (excessive amounts will be removed by trainers).

However, petroleum jelly cannot be present on the hair, body, or gloves of a contestant. Throughout the match the referee will try to ensure the safety of participants by preventing them from unnecessary pain by watching their blocks defences, making sure that rules are being followed, disqualifying competitors that disobey the rules, assisting a knocked down participant if they have ended the match, and raising the arm of the bout’s winner after it has been announced.

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