Every major city on earth: the future of NYCREC

Nov 28, 2018 · 3 min read

What do credit cards and New York City Real Estate Coin (NYCREC) have in common?

They both started in New York City and then spread to the world — or will soon.

Credit cards were first implemented by John Biggins of the Flatbush National Bank in 1946 with the “charge-it program,” which allowed customers to use bank credit cards at local Brooklyn merchants. This modernization may be the most revolutionary thing to have happened in the way we handle financial transactions — until now.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are changing the face of our economy before our eyes and NYCREC is zeroing in on where this new technology and traditional investing meet.

Using blockchain and our own Reg S security token, NYCREC tokenizes the physical, real-world asset of real estate, offering fractional ownership and dividends via Ethereum airdrops to our token holders.

This, in turn, opens up unprecedented opportunities for global accessibility and liquidity in the competitive real estate market of New York City, and eventually, the world.

Today we can’t imagine life without the incredible convenience and innovation of credit cards. And soon we won’t believe how hard it used to be to invest in real estate before NYCREC changed everything.

Phase 1: the revolution starts in New York City

As both the cultural and financial epicenter of the United States and one of the most desirable real estate markets in the world, New York City is the perfect place to launch NYCREC.

Phase 1 of the NYCREC roadmap to success will start by disrupting the New York City real estate market in 9 steps:

  1. Run STO
  2. Liquidate Funds (Funds Held in Bank)
  3. Discover Favorable Property
  4. Build Strategy for Cashflow
  5. Purchase Property
  6. Generate Revenue/Cashflow
  7. Stabilize Revenue
  8. Sell or Refinance
  9. Repeat Steps 4–9

Throughout Phase 1, NYCREC will work to acquire the most favorable, income-producing properties for our token holders, resulting in dividends via Ethereum airdrops.

Once the real estate market in New York City is successfully tokenized, we move on to…

Phase 2: the revolution spreads to the world

London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Dubai — these global gateway cities represent trillions in property value and they are all ripe for disrupting.

The real estate markets in major cities around the world have historically been illiquid playgrounds for the ultra-rich, and it’s time that changed.

With the option of owning fractional interest in high-yield real estate properties, average investors across the globe can instantaneously have access to the kinds of investment opportunities never before dreamed of.

Unlike similar REITs, NYCREC tokens can be traded 24/7 with lower expenses, which means a more diversified and profitable portfolio for our token holders. In this way, NYCREC will transform the way real estate transactions are bundled and sold.

Imagine a world where investors from any background have equal access to investment opportunities and real estate, once complicated and inaccessible, is now bought and sold at the touch of a screen — this is the vision of NYCREC.

If it can happen in The Big Apple, it can happen anywhere. The tokenization of real estate is not just the future of New York City, but every major city on earth.

And that’s not even the end of it.

Phase 3: create a collateralized blockchain

If tokenizing real estate works, it can work for any real-world, physical asset. From art to diamonds, blockchain technology can transform the trade and investment of all our worldly goods.

But first, the technology must support the concept.

With our successful NYCREC model, we will create a collateralized blockchain that other STOs can use to start their own asset-backed enterprises.

Throughout the tokenization of New York City real estate and the real estate markets of major cities around the world, our ecosystem will grow and our underlying technology will evolve. We intend to use this evolution to create a blockchain platform that will allow multiple participants to put real-world, collateralizable assets on a distributable ledger.

In doing so, we can create a stronger and more stable medium of exchange for real estate, for all assets, and for the world.

Want to see more of our vision? Read our whitepaper and join our Telegram group to be a part of our active and helpful 24/7 community.


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New York City Real Estate Coin is a Reg-S security token offering (STO) that offers token holders interest in a portfolio of properties via dividend airdrops.

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