Week 3: Needfinding analysis, process of generating personas and storyboards

Monday — — — — Author: Shiru Sun
Needfinding analysis and personas

After analyzing the interview result, we decide to target people age from 20–40 ( young people). We believe that young people is the major users surfing on the website, and they will be the major users of our product. Therefore we decide to implement personas accordingly. Here are the personas.

Different needs in personas

For instance:

  1. Need popping up alerts, otherwise the information will be missed by user easily.
  2. Need to keep track of dogs’ location.
  3. Need a way to contact with the dog owner directly.
  4. Need to buy GPS product to track the dog on the website.
Brainstorm the storyline and build the storyboards

Based on the personas that we designed, our team came up with tens of scenarios. For example, when people lost or found dogs, they can search on our website or file a report on our website. Users can also buy a GPS tracker for their puppies from our website, and we provide map tacking. Our website will be simple and straightforward for users form any ages to use.

According to the interview results and scenarios that we brainstormed, team pets build a series of storyboard describing all scenarios as below.

Scenario 1, Sam is sad since he lost his lovely dog lucky. As a friend, Michael suggest Sam to search on our website, which will contains all the information of homeless dogs from multiple shelters nearby. Sam find his dog immediately.

Scenario 2, Michael finds a lovely dog on his way to gym. It’s easy to tell the dog has a owner according the tag on its neck, while there is not enough information on the tag. Michael search on our website and find a lost report of this dog, and he contacts the owner directly. Poor little guy finally finds his owner with the help of Michael and our website.

Scenario 3, Regina has a adorable dog named Apollo. Regina bought a GPS dog tracker from our website and sticked it on Apollo’s tag. Everytime when Apollo is out of sights, Regina is able to track him from our website.

Scenario 4, Our website is simple and straightforward. Users can file a lost or find report on the website’s main page, and search for a lost dog by clicking on search button below the file.

And so on……..

Based on the interview results and scenarios that we brainstormed, team pets build a series of storyboard describing all scenarios as below.

Into the next phrase

Looking at the storyboards, we find following features that have been mentioned multiple times. For instance, most of the users expect to keep track of their puppies, and the need of GPS is super useful under this circumstance. Also a map tracking will be essential. We want the users to track their puppies directly from our website. Our website has to be simple as well. Complex website is a waste of users time when the users are in a urge finding their dogs. We will keep these in mind while we designing the website.

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