The final Curtain : A sweet end to an atypical journey.

The perfect lit up atmosphere for a hacking competition.
mount -o remount,rw /passwd

The services

  • Messagebox — Allows the user to record a message as a user and if a user has a saved message then displays it.
  • Sql1000 — It’s a basic SQL based database that follows basic commands to access as well as modify the database. If we login using admin credentials, we can directly access the flags.
  • S3cureNot3 — We never got chance to look at it properly and in-depth but from what we saw when we glanced over it was that the service has different functionalities like CREATE, DELETE, VIEW, JOIN, NOTES and stores it in SQLite3 database.
  • Authrw — It has a registration as well as a login. Once registered with the username, it returns a cookie which is an AES CBC cipher which is, in turn, used to login.

The first half

Username: *

The second half

Our Eureka! Moment

Written with ❤ by Team_probably.




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Team Probably

Team Probably

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