2 weeks of work experience at ROAR — Simon & Jess

Working on the front window and checking out Zoyander’s current exhibition in Buzz Gallery!

When the idea of work experience was brought back to our school (St Bernard’s Catholic High School), we both knew we didn’t want to do something ordinary like work at Tesco for 2 weeks. We both wanted to branch out and learn several skills, not just how to stack a shelf etc. As soon as we heard about ROAR, we were instantly drawn to it like a fly to a light.

When we first walked through ROAR’s doors we were very nervous and frightened that we would not get along with the staff and they would be very strict (it was a real job after all!) My oh my, we couldn’t have been more wrong! The staff at ROAR was constantly offering refreshments, we instantly felt like a part of the team. We were surprised after we walked in as we were greeted by the whole ROAR team (who personally I have to say have made me working here enjoyable everyday) in a polite but not too serious manner, as they seemed to understand how overwhelming it was for a 14 year old to walk in to a business.

We’ve done some thinking and have both agreed our first memory of our experience here was helping out and watching the famous Life Act in action, rehearsing for their drama show which would be happening a couple of weeks later. We would never have imagined that a group so entertaining and bursting with personality like Life Act could exist. Although the rehearsals were very entertaining and funny, Life Act bases its work on the groups’ real life experiences, for example when a guy called Terry went to a anxiety class and by the end of it he was the only one left in the group which made him more and more anxious; although this warmed my heart, Terry is a very good actor and added in some extra bits for comedy relief.

Not only have we experienced the goofy and fun side of ROAR, we have also experienced the business side as we attended meetings with Sharon. Although most people would be led to believe that meetings are boring for a younger person like me, I have to admit we have both benefited greatly from attending them. However, as intrigued as we were when participating in the meetings, and we do hate admitting this, at any given point we both didn’t have a clue what was going on! But luckily on the way back in Sharon’s car, she explained everything that happened and more, making me and Jess fully understand what occurred. It enabled us to determine what to look to for in other meetings me or Jess may attend in the future.

Although we both are going to miss being a part of ROAR’s team, as we have learnt so many skills in the short time we’ve been here, on behalf of me and Jess, we have to thank all the staff for taking us under their wing and individually teaching us some skills we never could have imagine we would learn at such a young age.