A photo-story of my time at ROAR

The commute to work. The funny thing is now I am starting to recognise people who get the train from Sheffield with me in the morning, and get the same train back in the evening. Haven’t said hi yet though, will I ever?
The morning drink. An essential of all office work. It is still a trying task to remember everyone’s milk/sugar preferences.
Sharon and I spent an afternoon art-bombing the bandstand in Clifton Park as part of the Love is Louder project.
We got involved with Eastwood Fun Fest doing paper mosaics. The children did engage well and enjoyed it, though the windy weather made cleaning up difficult (imagine trying to pick up loads of confetti). I had two really nice cakes, one similar to marble cake, the other like a jammy dodger!
Being involved with Dangerous Art School was really fun. These are the shelters the kids made on our second day. My friend once said that if he was PM for the day he would ban glitter, at the end I understood the sentiment…
I attended an event put on at Sheffield library about PR. The lady who did the presentation (Diane Hinds) was very engaging and it was actually very very useful.
There is a shop down the road (still not sure of its name) but it sells healthy food and drinks that are nearing the end of their sell buy date. It’s a bit of a lucky dip every time which I enjoy. I felt quite dubious about these cookies (exact thought: gluten and wheat free, what the hell are they made of?) but they are actually very tasty and for 5p an absolute bargain.
I took a walk up to Boston Castle, somewhere I had heard a lot about since starting at ROAR. Unfortunately I couldn’t actually go up the castle, but I was told about a cemetery near by and found this glorious view. Rotherham is full of surprises!
Blind Portraits at the Rotherham Show. Great fun!
And finally, I had just written my first Board Report and felt all proud and then my lace got tangled in my wheely chair. Clearly a sign to keep me grounded.