James Brunt residency in Old Market Gallery, Rotherham.

From the 11th — 15th of February Yorkshire based artist James Brunt was in residency in Old Market Gallery here in Rotherham.

I went down to the gallery to have a look and take some pictures of the remarkable work he created.

James said on his time in the space: “ The opportunity to spend a week in the Old Market Gallery was extremely useful. I’ve been collecting various materials for a while now not knowing where and when I’d be able to use them. The residency gave me the time and space to explore and play in an unfamiliar environment.”

James also gave an Artist Talk on the Wednesday of the week, about his time in the gallery and his practice.

Overall in the 5 days he was in residence, 5 works were created using a variety of materials, including the glass collected from a broken bus stop on Broom Lane. The precision and detail of the pieces is what struck me most, quite remarkable given the time scale. Another ROAR member commented: “If I had created one of those pieces this year, I would have been very happy.”

You can find out more about James Brunt on his website here.