Making a lasting impression @ Riverside Library

roar team
roar team
Oct 30, 2018 · 2 min read

Having never worked with cement in any capacity I was quite excited to wander down to Riverside Library here in Rotherham for the “Riverbanksy” project. Artists Shelagh McCarthy and Adrian Barron have set up a workshop space, offering the chance for young people to make cement bricks engraved with inspiring words.

I didn’t spend too long in working out what word I was going to choose, although there was the option to do so and all the inspiration you needed filling the books in the library.

The experience of cutting the letters out of the clay reminded me of baking. In fact the whole experience reminded me of making a pie.

Using a stencil I carefully cut out ROAR. I then used other tools to create imprints around the letters.
After making the box (my first time with a power tool!) I gently oiled the finished clay block ready for the cement.
After mixing the 3 ingredients together (hard, manual work with a huge spade- I will feel it in the morning) we made a well ready for the water. We then spent time folding in the dry ingredients into the water.
And then we filled the boxes with the cement, tapping them as we went to create an even spread.

I always enjoy any art where you can get messy and it was nice to step out of my comfort zone and see first hand how different elements come together to create cement.

If you aged between 12 and 24 years old you can have a go yourself. The workshops are running 10am-4pm on the following dates: 29th Oct.-3rd Nov, 10th & 17th Nov. (It’s free — but you’ll need to bring your own lunch). You can book by email or in the library itself.

Riverside House, Main St, Rotherham S60 1AE.

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