One week at ROAR

My name is Lauren. I am a current sixth form student who has decided to complete work experience with ROAR. After a very eventful and exciting week, I have been able to gain many valuable skills whilst making new friends along the way.

Although I was nervous at first, the staff were very welcoming and made me feel like one of the team, allowing me to settle in with ease. Overall, my role was quite varied, consisting of all the little jobs that needed completing, from organising documents to designing mosaic templates — which will be used at an upcoming art event this Saturday.

Over the past week, I can honestly say that there has never been one dull moment. Everywhere I looked, I was surrounded by artwork (even the office is covered in art!). The fun, laid back atmosphere of the place was another thing that made my work experience even more enjoyable.

Some artwork I contributed towards.

Working here has been a very interesting experience, one which I will never forget. It has given me the chance to gain knowledge whilst expressing myself artistically. ROAR are a great organisation, who give support to local artists, some of which I have had the pleasure of meeting. Furthermore, ROAR has given me a good insight into creative opportunities in Rotherham, which is incredibly useful to me as I have intentions to pursue a career in music.

ROAR has definitely given me the inspiration and confidence to be a more creative person and create more art myself; it has well and truly set me up for a future in the creative arts. Although I will be sad to leave ROAR behind, I am glad that I made the choice to complete my work experience with ROAR and I am certainly pleased with the experience I have gained.