An Unlikely Fit From Afar

Abbey Dieteman acquired 20 new brothers after a weekend’s worth of training with Team Rubicon.

There’s a version of me that’s not covered head to toe in dirt and stench with a chainsaw in my hand, but I think I like the Team Rubicon version of me better than “real life” me.

As the layers of dirt peeled off last night, I was a little sad. I was telling a friend about my weekend with the TR chainsaw instructors and she said,

“You must have felt like you didn’t belong — 20 guys, most of them vets, and you.”

I laughed because it does seem like an unlikely fit for people who know me in a dress and makeup. But I feel more at home with TR than anywhere else — I’m one of the guys. It doesn’t matter that I’m a girl, and a civilian, or what my career or upbringing is.

Abbey Dieteman of New York was one of 18 sawyers to receive TR instructor certification following a four-day course in Southern California.

I’m lucky to know every single person I’ve met in Team Rubicon. After this weekend, I feel like I have 20 new big brothers. I have no doubt than any one of them would kick some ass for me or just be there if I needed it. That’s a rare thing. It’s rare to spend four days with someone and know you’d literally do anything for them. If one of my TR brothers needed me to fly across the country to help them, I’d be at the airport tonight. And it’s amazing to know people all over the country have your back like that.

I love all of you and am so honored to be a part of this group. I can’t wait to teach chainsaw instruction alongside you and kick some disaster ass in the field.

Your adopted sister Abbey

Written by Abbey Dietman, a volunteer with Team Rubicon who hails from New York where she manages her own technology consulting firm. Abbey joined the team in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

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