How a trader lost his entire life savings!

Back in 2015, Omid Rashid, an engineer from Canada, was robbed of his life savings by a bucketshop financial-trading broker based in Ramat Gan, Israel. His story proliferated on and Options XO, the company behind the scam, was held culpable by the masses.

Kay and Zisis of SPECTRE interviewed Omid Rashid live. Omid details the games and tactics brokerages use to swindle clients.

A live interview between Kay and Zisis of the SPECTRE team and Omid Rashid, a broker-scam victim.

The SPECTRE trading platform completely removes the broker out of the equation using high-tech Ethereum blockchain technology resulting in the worlds safest trading experience for millions of traders around the globe. If trader’s lose, their losses go directly to increasing SPECTRE balance sheet (as opposed to lining the coffers of some shady management team) and part of these gains are paid out to ICO token holders as a dividend, for life!This way, trader losses are distributed as gains to the masses and in the event of wins, these are paid out immediately to the trader. There is zero conflict of interest in this model and everything is governed by smart contracts on a distributed public ledger known as the blockchain.

SPECTRE’s industry first “tokenised balance sheet” model disrupts trading.
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