WARNING: TEAM STUDY Will Let You Do What You Love. Use With Caution.

Beta Launching September 5th

Study notes are essential to success in your educational career, but do you really like taking them? Neither do we at TEAM STUDY, so let’s change that together! 🌊

When was the last time you actually paid attention to a lecture, and weren’t caught up with furiously writing down everything your professor said?

Everyone in a lecture writes notes on the exact same subject at the exact the same time. There is so much time wasted doing the same thing. There must be a better way. 🤔 Well that’s where TEAM STUDY comes in! TEAM STUDY lets you work with your peers in real time, to create a single, high quality study note. 📝 You can also discover and contribute to notes written by others, so everyone succeeds together. Now that you’re collaborating, you can actually engage in your lecture, and listen to all of the jokes your professor has to say! (Trust us, he’s funnier than you think!)

TEAM STUDY is built with the goal of saving you time, so you can do the things you love, while ensuring that you gain a deep understanding of your course content. What do you like to do with your free time? Do you like to party? 🍾 Play basketball? 🏀 Or drift a car around a race track? 🏎 Whatever it is, TEAM STUDY frees up time for you to do just that!

Who wouldn’t want to do this all day?

Get ready for TEAM STUDY beta (teamstudy.com), launching on September 5th!

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