Thanks to its original approach to the scalability problem, ThunderCore gives us today a first idea of scalable smart contract platforms in practice.

A first glimpse of practical scalability

Since 2015 and the day the Ethereum mainnet went live, the world has enjoyed the first smart contract platform and witnessed the rise of decentralized applications. Since that day, the world has also been waiting for scalability on this platform, unsatisfied with the limit of 25 transactions per second the…

Reputation systems are necessary to organize social interactions, power connected objects or prioritize ideas. With the advent of decentralized identities and claims, blockchains reinvent these systems, simultaneously assuming their role of trust machines for the world wide web.

Reshaping reputation

Reputation systems are nothing new, particularly on the Internet. Whether they are used to run online markets or fight misinformation and fake news, current algorithms mostly rely on third parties and have proven to reach the limits of such highly centralized models prone to manipulation, opacity and, in a way…

While smart contract wallets have succeeded in their mission to reconcile good user experience and security, much still remains to be done in order to mitigate shortcomings of proprietary solutions.

The boom of smart contract wallets

In just a few months, a significant number of smart contract wallet projects arose and proved to some extent their superiority over traditional key management solutions (most notorious initiatives include Dapper, Gnosis Safe, Argent and Authereum).

As expected, they indeed often bring together the best of two worlds :

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As common encryption techniques reach their limits when applied to complex decentralized identity schemes, proxy re-encryption may emerge as a suitable solution.

Experimentation is the key to mastering a new framework and actively participating in its construction. Like so many enthusiasts around the world, at Blockchain Partner we constantly strive to innovate through a series of products, proof of concepts and open source projects. …

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