ThunderCore : scalability in practice

Thanks to its original approach to the scalability problem, ThunderCore gives us today a first idea of scalable smart contract platforms in practice.

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A first glimpse of practical scalability

Since 2015 and the day the Ethereum mainnet went live, the world has enjoyed the first smart contract platform and witnessed the rise of decentralized applications. Since that day, the world has also been waiting for scalability on this platform, unsatisfied with the limit of 25 transactions per second the network can support. While Ethereum 2.0 plans to overcome this cutoff through sharding in the years to come, other initiatives like Cosmos or Zilliqa may also reach this goal and receive the attention they deserve.

  • High throughput.
  • Low gas costs.
  • Compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).
  • A public and secure ledger.
  • Available today.

A singular effort

ThunderCore tackles the problem of scalability with an original approach, orthogonal to most other initiatives, and endorsed by serious research on asynchronous networks.

Building on ThunderCore

ThunderCore natively supports EVM-compatible smart contracts and the promise of easy and fast operation is totally fulfilled for any developer with little knowledge of Ethereum. From our experience, the core team and community reachable on their Discord server has also shown to be very capable, reactive and helpful.

  • To interact with the network, chain details should be provided but are only rarely integrated in typical tools and libraries. When using ethereumjs-common for instance, you should configure a custom chain with the following parameters : {baseChain: "mainnet", customChainParams: {name: "ThunderCore Mainnet", networkId: 108, chainId: 108}, hardfork: "byzantium"}.

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