Teamup Calendar: Press Kit

Hello! We’ve put together the most important information about Teamup Calendar and its brand assets to help you tell the Teamup story without having to search around for each use. If you can’t find what you need here, please contact us at

What Teamup Calendar Is

  • It’s for groups. Teamup is a hosted calendar application for groups. It helps groups to share plans, schedule events and communicate statuses.
  • It’s simple. No user accounts are required. A calendar link is all that is needed for anyone to use a Teamup Calendar.

Check out: Introduction to Teamup Calendar.

Learn more how Teamup is different, inspiration with many use case studies, and Wall of Love.

Inspiration for a million ways of using Teamup Calendar


Getting Started

1) Create a new calendar 2) Add color-coded sub-calendars 3) Explore calendar views 4) Setup access links and share


Teamup logo, small
Teamup logo, large
Teamup icon
Mobile app icon

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Screenshots, Sample Calendars

Team calendar tracking events, absences, and locations. Anything and everything relevant to the team.
Yearly view, up to one full year at a glance!
Scheduler view
Work schedule for mobile workforce with images and file attachments
Use folders to better organize calendars on the left panel
See resource availability quickly, streamlining your booking processes.
Construction crew scheduler — Administrator view
Construction crew scheduler — Superintendents view

Customer Testimonials

“ We are loving the calendar for our organization. It is saving us tons of emails and bringing the whole organization on the same page. Don’t know how we survived without it. Thank you!”
- Jonathan Torres, Vice President/COO, Memphis Athletic Ministries

“ We tried using Teamup for our event (conference) in July and it worked really well, especially in the planning… We will definitely use Teamup again, the online system is so much user friendlier and professional than the old fashioned excel sheets that we used before!”
- Gertrude Kort, Senior Congress Coordinator, European Cancer Organisation

“This makes communicating with our contractors so much easier! I upload their work orders and boom, done. I’ve shared a read-only link with all of them so they can access the calendar anytime to view the workload for the day, week, month, etc.“ 
 — Nicole Salwinski, Toll Brothers, USA

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Founding Team

Co-founders: Jenny Zhan, Gabriel Sidler