Why Teamup if I already have a Google Calendar?

This question gets asked a lot. It is often the first reaction when someone heard about Teamup for the first time. Indeed, you may have been using Google Calendar for a long time and it seems to work well. After all it may be just one of the Google products you use — and many of your team members too.

Sure, if you use Google Calendar for your own appointments and to-do reminders, it’s perfect. However, do you also need to share your calendar with others? What do you do then? Go to your Calendar Settings and add other’s to allow them to view or modify your calendar. But now it comes the issues:

  • Do others have a Google account?
  • Do I need to add everyone and assign sharing permissions for each of them, one by one? Does everyone else have to do the same? All together, how many sharing settings we have to do?
  • Who knows who has shared with whom at which permission level? Have I not missed anyone whom I need to share my calendar? Have I removed access by someone who has left my organization?
  • What others see on my calendar? Do they see my private appointments and plans?

Here’s what one of Teamup users, Janet Mitchell, has to say:

I love Google products and I use that calendar for my personal scheduling. However, unless everyone who can edit the calendar understands the share settings, the entire store knows an employee’s life plans….which is one reason we needed a separate calendar. Teamup has solved a lot of the issues. “

You may find many calendaring and scheduling tools if you just google for them. But if you are looking for one that is specifically aimed to make sharing calendars easy, you got to check out Teamup.

Janet has this to say:

I think Teamup is a great product and I love how easy it is to share the calendar. I researched several scheduling apps based on price, ease of use, and access for iPhone and Android users and your product was the best option without question. Nothing else came close.

Janet and her small business team have been using Teamup for some time. It was quick to get started and easy for everyone to start using it. They are so happy that they want others to know about their experience. Here’s what Janet told us:

I’ve been spreading the word to others who work in an office with experienced tech people and with those who struggle with technology who need an inexpensive, intuitive calendar. This is the best solution for our small business.

Thank you Janet! We really appreciate your feedback and your enthusiasm to spread word to others who are still searching for a good solution to their shared calendaring needs.