Nischey Grover

Famous English poet John Donne has written a book “No man is an island”. This beautiful evocative prose expresses the interconnectedness of people and countries.

Most of the businesses and companies are structured around teams. These are the foundation stones of any organisation. Even in highly individualised jobs, active cooperation…

Am I?

A paradigm shift during pandemic is the shift in the work culture from working in traditional offices to working from home or working remotely. Owing to norms of social distancing, the employees were asked to take up their work from anywhere .

Not that working remotely is a totally new…

Scaling success ladder is the dream of every individual irrespective of his post or position.Its a fact that success as such does not automatically fall in your lap. Perspiration patience and perseverance are the important ingredients of success recipe.

In many of the organisations, the hierarchy factor or seniority is…

Nischey Grover

Entrepreneur, Software Engineer

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