What are the chances you read this before the end of the year?

2014 was quite the year…

…of Derek Jeter’s retirement and a historic World Cup.

…of ebola and the ice bucket challenge.

…of flights gone missing.

…of celebrity losses: Joan Rivers, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Maya Angelou, Robin Williams.

…of the youngest Nobel Peace Prize recipient in history.

…of a year’s full of hashtags #UmbrellaRevolution #BlackLivesMatter #BringBackOurGirls #YesAllWomen

…of many, many moments and events.

Every year is full of its fair share of victories and tragedies. Sometimes it feels as if the world is simultaneously getting worse at the same rate it’s getting better. We believe in fighting for the victories, and we believe that being as informed as possible about the world around you is one way to start.

Luckily, companies started creating all of these “Year in Review” videos so that we could keep track of all the major events that occurred prior to the start of the next 52 weeks of our lives.

These short recaps are simply a reminder of the amount of content we consume every day — the amount of content that’s necessary to keep up and stay informed. It’s understandable that people could feel overloaded, bombarded by statuses and hashtags, apps and notifications.

What we’re hoping for in 2015 is that you won’t have to dig through all the clutter to find the most informing and valuable content on the web — it will all be in one spot. Not only that, but you’ll be responsible for putting it there and sharing that value with others. We’re working on the tools that will make this possible.

You can help by telling us about your online reading habits in a short, 5 minute survey. We’ll be publishing the results after we’ve analyzed the data.

In the meantime, we did you a favor and put the best 2014 “Year in Review” videos all in one spot.

Now, what are the chances you share this before the end of the year?

Happy New Year and best wishes for the year ahead!

Google’s Year in Search

Facebook’s Year in Review

YouTube’s Rewind

SportsCenter’s Images of the Year

NowThis News’ Most Iconic Social Media Images

MovieClips’ Movie Trailer Mashup of the Year

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