What’s the best article you’ve read in the past three months? (Part 4)

We asked our most active members what they consider to be the best article they’ve added to Vyrtex since we launched our beta three months ago. We’ll be publishing what they said in a series of posts throughout the week. Click here to check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.


It’s informative and well-researched, and places all of it in the context of a personal narrative. It’s vulnerable, it’s insightful, and the last paragraph is just gorgeous.”


“This made me feel like hip hop is changing and i’m enthralled with how this ernest baker dude has taken the hip hop journalism world by storm…all in all a fun and inspirational read.”


“It drew a stark comparison between things we don’t normally associate with another, and added new and important perspective to an ongoing conversation about economic disparity.”

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