By Elizabeth Warren

I’m no longer running for president of the United States.

But our grassroots movement was never just about winning one election.

Across the country, people have come together to fight side by side for big, structural change — not for me, but for each other. …

Remarks from Elizabeth Warren shared in a call with campaign staff:

I want to start with the news. I want all of you to hear it first, and I want you to hear it straight from me: Today, I’m suspending our campaign for president.

I know how hard all of…

By Roger Lau

Elizabeth and I are so grateful for all the hard work of everyone on this team — not only leading up to Super Tuesday, but in all the weeks and months before.

To every volunteer, donor, and supporter: Thank you for everything you’ve done.

Last night, we…

Discurso el 2 de marzo del 2020 en Este de Los Ángeles, California

¡Hola Los Angeles!

Gracias Angelica — me siento muy orgullosa de estar en esta lucha contigo. ¡Un aplauso también para Jennifer Siebel Newsom! Tu trabajo para empoderar a niñas y mujeres está haciendo una diferencia no solo…

Team Warren

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