Valuing the Work of Women of Color

  • Deny contracting opportunities to companies with poor track records on diversity and equal pay. I will build on existing disclosure requirements by requiring every contractor to disclose data on employees’ pay and role, broken out by race, gender, and age. And I will direct agencies not to enter into contracts with companies with poor track records on diversity in management and equal pay for equal work.
  • Ban companies that want federal contracts from using forced arbitration and non-compete clauses that restrict workers’ rights. Forced arbitration and collective action waivers make it harder for employees to fight wage theft, discrimination, and harassment — harms that fall disproportionately on women of color. And abusive non-compete clauses for low- and middle-wage workers needlessly hold them back from pursuing other job opportunities. Companies that impose these restrictions on their workers will be ineligible to receive federal contracts.
  • Ban contractors from asking applicants for past salary information and criminal histories. Companies will be barred from winning federal contracts if they request previous salary information or violate the EEOC’s criminal records guidance, which prevents discrimination against formerly arrested or incarcerated people.
  • Ensure fair pay and benefits for all workers. Federal contractors must extend a $15 minimum wage and benefits (including paid family leave, fair scheduling, and collective bargaining rights) to all employees. This will have an outsized effect on Black and Brown women, who perform a disproportionate share of lower-wage work.
  • Diversifying recruitment: Direct real resources towards attracting entry-level applicants from HBCUs, Tribal Colleges and Universities, and other minority-serving institutions, and reforming our higher-level recruiting process to attract diverse experienced hires into senior management positions.
  • Supporting development: Create new paid fellowship programs for federal jobs for minority and low-income applicants, including formerly incarcerated individuals, focusing especially on agencies where Black and Brown women are most underrepresented.
  • Opening up promotion pathways: Require every federal agency to incorporate diversity as part of their core strategic plan and create support networks through a government-wide mentorship program that centers Black and Brown employees.




Official campaign account. We’re building a grassroots movement to fight for big, structural change. Join us at

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Team Warren

Team Warren

Official campaign account. We’re building a grassroots movement to fight for big, structural change. Join us at

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