10 W2H hacks that can make your W2H journey wilder than ever!!

1) Here at W2h, you may be perspiring as you will not stop dancin’ till the golden hour. Chances are, you’re going to start smelling. For this, you should carry face wipes with you.

2) When you’re goin’ to W2H, then there are chances that the battery of your phone will die soon. Don’t forget carryin’ a charging bank with you so that you can have more selfies and videos with you. You will bring thousands of memories captured in your phone at home.

3) At W2H, don’t forget carryin’ shoulderbags as it will save you from pickpockets. Moreover, they are super cute.

4) If it rains or something else happens at W2H, you should carry extra set of clothes.

5) If you think, rain wants to destroy all of your worldly possessions, but rain cannot stop you from buying a waterproof bag. Your iPhone will thank you.

6) If you manage to trip/cut yourself/bleed anywhere at W2H, it’s nice to have your own gauze and band-aids ready.

7) How are you going to find anything in your money bag at W2H? Give them light! Carry a LED light keychains.

8) Make sure to follow the official guides of W2H. Use W2H’s official hashtag- you’ll learn of breaking news in real time.

9) Don’t lose your friends, Coz you can have more fun with your friends.

10) If you are alone and without friends at W2H, then it’s a good chance to meet strangers and become friends forever, as W2H is here to liv, luv & u9ite

These are the ways you can enjoy the wildest EDM festival W2H more and earn more fun and more memories from here.


Media Interpreter

Nisha Vats