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The Post and Courier of Charleston, South Carolina grew its digital subscriptions by 250% (from 1,700 to 6,000) between 2017 to 2019, reports Digiday. It did so after shifting focus from pageviews to measuring time spent and engaged minutes.

The importance of reliable engagement metrics is increasing across the publishing industry. The Financial Times uses an engagement score based on the mix of recency + frequency + volume as its North Star metric.

The Wall Street Journal measures “active days” — the number of days a reader engages with content. …

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Comparing the economic health of national news outlets to their local counterparts almost feels like you’re comparing two entirely different industries.

On the one hand you have the national publishers. While digital natives like Vox, BuzzFeed, and Business Insider have had their stumbles, all reportedly turned a profit in 2019. And traditional newspapers like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Financial Times, and even The Guardian all reported record digital revenue, with The Wall Street Journal joining the vaunted 2 Million Digital Subscriber Club.

On the other hand, you have local newspapers, with each seemingly facing more dire economic circumstances than the last. The situation was accentuated most recently when McClatchy announced that its chain of over 30 newspapers had filed for bankruptcy. While the economic health of each newspaper varies, few have completely escaped layoffs or massive retrenchment. …

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Mozilla’s Firefox browser has begun to encrypt domain names by default.

This will ensure that a user’s website browsing history cannot be accessed by third parties without either informing the user or publishing a policy about what they do with that information.

“We’re basically saying FU to attackers on the network and 3rd parties who have access to data that ties your computer to the sites you visit,” Firefox said, rather colorfully, in a tweet announcing the feature.

“Firefox began the rollout of encrypted DNS over HTTPS (DoH) by default for US-based users,” the company announced. …


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