Your website is the key source of information your business provides to the world. It’s vital to have a site that’s frequently updated with a strong, intuitive design that provides what your customers are looking for and what your team need. So, whether you’re a blogger, a business or an individual who values your web presence, Team WP Sekure can help you reach your business and branding goals with our WordPress management service.

Here are the top seven things to love about WP management for your site.

1. More Features

One of the biggest advantages you get from a WordPress management service is…

You might think you are done with your website once it is up and running. However, routine maintenance is vital to ensure your company’s website is always operational and can be accessed by visitors. Website maintenance should regularly be undertaken because you do not want to wait until an actual issue comes up that hinders your website’s capabilities. Instead, follow these tips to always ensure your website is in fine working condition.

WordPress Maintenance Tips for Beginners

  • Check for WordPress Updates
maintaining your website by updating wordpress

The most common way for entrepreneurs to create new websites is with WordPress. While it is convenient, WordPress also offers updates regularly that you…

One message that’s almost certain to elicit a groan from CMS users is this:

Update Available. Worse yet, for some, is the announcement that the system is “updating.”

Can system and software updates be annoyances? Sure. Is it worth it, in the long run, to put them off or completely ignore them?

Absolutely not. Even putting off an update for a short period of time can potentially cause long-term headaches.

You can avoid these headaches by always making sure you have the latest WordPress updates. Let’s look at the top five reasons for regularly updating WordPress.

updating to latest wordpress version

• Fresh Features
• Consistent…

We’re pleased to host our guest blog today with Tony Messer who is the Co-Founder of UK Web Hosting Company Tony set the business up with Co-Founder Pilar Torres Wahlberg and since then they have gone on to provide high quality hosting services for tens of thousands of small to medium sized businesses.

Are you using WordPress? If you are then that’s a good choice. Easy to use, loads of great features and powerful SEO means it’s no surprise that WordPress is the world’s number one Content Management System (CMS).

But with that popularity, comes an element of risk…

Team WP Sekure

Team WP Sekure is a security, management, and maintenance service for WordPress websites that also specializes in WordPress website speed optimization and SEO.

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