How to buy XMAT tokens

If you’re interested in joining the XMaterials revolution, you’ll want to purchase our XMAT tokens. If you’re a regular investor, these will pay out at least 15% of the company’s net profits, via ETH airdrops. If you’re on the B2B side, you can use XMAT tokens to receive a 25% discount on anything purchased through the franchise model.

However, first you have to own XMAT tokens. Here’s how to do it.*

*Note, if you’re already whitelisted, skip down to step 3

Step 1: Fill out whitelist form

Go to the XMaterials website.

Click “Join the XMAT Sale”

Click “Create new account/get whitelisted”

Fill out all of the information on the form. You’ll want to have your passport and proof of address. Remember, if you live in the United States, you cannot participate in this sale.

The most important thing here is that you fill out your Ethereum Address. Note: this is the address you will send your ETH from, and the address we will send your XMAT tokens back to. Whatever you do, DO NOT submit your private key.

Once you’ve finished, click “Submit”.

Step 2: Check your email for whitelist emails

You should first receive an email that says we’ve received your information and are processing your request.

One of two things can happen on the next email.

  1. You’re confirmed. Congratulations. Follow the link to Step 3:
  2. You’ve been rejected. Don’t worry, it’s not the end of world. We’ll tell you exactly why you were rejected and what you need to do to be accepted. Try again.

Once you’re approved, it’s time to create an account.

Step 3: Give your login details

Here, you can create a password. Note: do not lose this password — this will let you login to our platform, where you can purchase XMAT tokens. Please keep this password safe.

Step 4: Send ETH to your address

We only accept ETH to buy XMAT. Go to the “Buy XMAT” section. Using the XMAT address we provide, send ETH from the address you gave during your KYC/AML listing process.

Note 1: it is important that you only send ETH from the address that you provided during your KYC/AML listing process — otherwise, we won’t know where to send the XMAT to.

Note 2: please do not share the address with anyone. Unless you have gone through KYC/AML, you won’t have a listed address. That means that the ETH will be sent from an unattributed address and we will not be able to pay you XMAT.

Step 5: You are now the proud owner of XMAT Tokens

Your tokens will be sent to you upon the close of the STO.