Everything you should know about Matcha Green Tea!

Originated from Japan, Matcha Green Tea is a tea that offers a lot of benefits besides the most obvious one that is, -Instantly refreshing! In order to enjoy its amazing benefits, it is important that only Authentic Matcha Green Tea is bought. Today, its popularity has transcended Japanese borders and have reached to different parts of the world where it is exported. It is significant to note that the tea leaves of Matcha Green tea are handpicked in Japan in the month of May and then to prevent fermentation, the leaves are properly steamed. This way, the verdant green color of the tea leaves is also retained.

Matcha Green Tea is slightly expensive in comparison to other tea leaves but since it offers a lot of health related advantages, people prefer enjoying it. The tea quality decides the price of the final product which in turn depends on several factors like the location of the tea bush, process that it undergoes before grinding, how long it is exposed to oxygen and more.

If you are an avid tea drinker, you can easily spot difference between Connoisseur Tea and other varieties and specialties available. If you appreciate this age old drink, you can easily make out its quality by just breathing out and then taking a sip of the concoction. Allow the tea to swirl in your mouth for some time and then swallow the tea after breathing out. Tea lovers can detect the taste of the tea in three distinct stages that begins from sweetness, tartness and finally bitterness. Only a tea connoisseur can make out these distinct tastes that are experienced on different parts of the tongue.

From generations together, the Yixing Teapots have been famous and use in China; now it is also used in USA. Though, it is a highly expensive product, more than $10, 000, it is treasured lovingly by many families treating it as a family heirloom. The rich history of these teapots make them special. These teapots are truly unique and the factor that makes it unique is the material Zisha, purple clay which is highly porous from which it is made. The porous nature of this material allows the teapot to absorb the smell, flavor and color of the tea when brewed and poured in the tea pot. If these teapots are used repeatedly, a particular seasoning will be developed by the teapot. This is why only one flavor is brewed in this teapot so as to sustain and retain one seasoning or flavor.

Another tea option that is known to provide a lot of health advantages is Dragonwall Green Tea. Coming from China, this tea has four unique characteristics that makes it truly distinct. These are Jade Green Color, Flat leaves, mellow and soft flavor and freshly sweet aroma. It is believed that if this tea is consumed on a regular basis, the immune system gets stronger and allow people to stay trim and slim as it keeps weight in check.

Thus, these tea options are known for their distinct characteristics and unique flavor.

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