# Twitter Poll Icon Is Confusing

For awhile, I’ve been saying that Twitter has serious issues with their design and UX teams. The official Twitter app is a UX mess.

The poll feature actually sounds good, but why would a professional design team put forth the idea of a circular icon reminiscent of a timer in most other apps?

A poll icon, especially one sitting next to a camera icon, requires an icon with clear meaning.

Too many app developers are coming up with confusing icons that require users to “figure it out”. Just look at the VSCO cam update. Who will intuitively know what all those menu bar icons mean?

These problems are an issue with flat design, but have to be overcome.

Twitter chose an icon for polls that looks like a timer. Sure, it can mean a pie chart. Next to a camera, it looks like a timer.

Jack really needs to get the design and UX side of the house in order. I’d argue that the choices being made in these areas are contributing to confusion and a part of the user growth problem.

Maybe the good part is that the Twitter Poll icon is the least problematic design choice in Twitter’s app.

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