The Problem With Medium
Andrea Phillips

# Yet Another Reason To Write In Markdown

*Write Once, Post Anywhere* is my motto and a brief Markdown blog series I just wrapped up.

It’s probably smart not to hitch your wagon to just a single platform. Rules change all the time for blogging or social media platforms. However, writing in Markdown and storing MD files in the cloud means you can repurpose content for any platform and access work from any device with any text editor. Markdown plus Dropbox (or other cloud service) lets you be platform agnostic.

If Medium goes away or morphs into something I don’t support, I can simply take my old content, saved in the cloud and written in a plain text syntax that easily converts to HTML, and republish it on the next big thing.

Who knows, maybe someday Medium will support Markdown. If it doesn’t, my Markdown content will still be readable here. If I want my words in Markdown to look better, I can just take it to Ello or WordPress.

Medium may have the buzz right now, but I’ll keep control of the booty. My Markdown words can always travel.

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