When You Focus On God, The Status Quo Doesn’t Matter.

We live in a society where there is so much competition, there’s so many people who are too focused on what other people are doing that we lose ourselves and our true purpose. We live in a society where too many people care about what other people will think about THEM, their WORK, their LIFE, and their STORIES. Too many people are operating in just their ego and forget the most important life lesson.The goal is to balance your ego with your eco. Now, don’t get me wrong…. there’s nothing wrong with your ego, in fact, its part of what you actually need to become your greatest self. So many people forget the fact that God is the one running the show, not them, God is the one who we are looking to get back to. God is the source of everything. God created all of us in his image to be creators, be expressive and to live in unconditional love. The status quo is far away from unconditional love. The status quo is all about ego, competition, “I’m better than you” “I have more money” “I’m this, you’re not” etc etc…. This type of mindset that is prevalent in soooo many people today is what hurts us all at the end. You have a lot of people that don’t even know how to express their ideas, wants and desires because of what society thinks. Once you are focused on the bigger picture (God) and know who you you are in God, then the status quo and other people opinions will not matter. The Universe does not care about what other people have to say. It’s gonna continue to do what it does… It’s Purpose