Burning burning fury deep within me

Where anger screams

“Kill me kill me kill me” on a

Tandem repeat

For five hours straight

Because the detest for you is so strong

So deep

So furious

It could rip me apart.

I wasn’t joking when I told you

She makes me want to stab myself

On my chest

Approximately five times

The way she went up to complain

About the question I asked in class

To five different people

But I guess you thought she was a joke.

I’m pretty much a joke anyway.

Ironic how I hate people who cry

Over the smallest things

Yet I’m crying or in fact

Bawling my eyes out

On a woman

I h a t e

On a woman

I wish I could tear apart

On a woman

I wish I would never have to meet again.

Never in my life did I ever felt so


To meet a person like you

So much lesser of a teacher,

You call yourself.

I hate you

And I can’t wait for the day

I could scream it in your face

With the 90 rank points I have in my hands

With successful university applications

I can prove you wrong with.

I’m not temperamental

I’m not stupid

My questions aren’t out of the world

The way you speak of me.

For now,

You’ll be my driving force

To do so fucking well

So that I can prove you wrong

So that I can show to you that I don’t need no teacher to succeed

So that you’ll keep your mouth SHUT about my grades.

Trust me, I’m usually not this petty

And I haven’t hated anyone this much

In so god damn long.

Kill yourself, I hate you.

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