On a Couch

I hate seeing fucking warhols flat-ass prints in museums.

I’m surrounded by beautiful, delicate, expanding, oh……frightening, touching, heart-pounding, modern expression….

And there’s a print of some celebrity

Or some can of soup

Of course it has some deep, deep meaning

About consummation

Did you ever consider this context, Andy?

That your bullshit

would be in the most prestigious galleries

In all corners of the Western world?

No one ever sits and watches the film parts at the museum…….

Too bad for you, Andy Warhol, Nico, et al.

The rest, too many:


superhot queers,

rolling around on each other

for free beer and a shot….

Or on a couch,

having fun without you.

Sorry andy warhol about your hideous cans of soup, and marilyn monroe, and elvis.

When I run into you, I see a pungent pus boring, shell of disease, inside of a box inside of a gallery.

Who is even looking?