affection frequency is a useful concept.

his was as high as a kite.

when people counted their dating game moves in days or even weeks, he counted in hours.

he always ended up with the needy losers like himself, the ones who would be always up for it. they’d game like you’re supposed to for like 2 weeks, then drunkenly ‘cut the bullshit’ and admit they wanted to see each other all the time. after that, they’d gradually stop telling each other about when they’d see one another to only let each other know when they couldn’t. from there, it was a mix of being mad about being apart when apart while not being able to stand her anymore when they were together.

then after 4 months or so there was a hurtful breakup, usually from his side, but not always.

everytime he found himself alone again he thought the same: I let myself get this deep into nonsense all in account of regular sex. how primitive can a person be?

he was decided to literally take fucking control. get a hobby or something.

then he met her.

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